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Amy Lasley: Amy's Rocky Mountain Salsa

Growing up in the small farming community of Frankfort, Illinois with the convenience of downtown Chicago only a few miles away, Amy Lasley became well-rounded in culture at an early age.

With a mother in the nursing field and a father who was as a surgeon, Amy grew up wanting to become involved in the medical field. After graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in Geography and Social Sciences, Amy soon returned to school and graduated from University of Northern Colorado with a degree in nursing. It was shortly after graduation she realized her calling was in Advanced Wound and Ostomy Care.

"I have been working in the wound clinic for Kaiser Permanente in Lafayette as the lead nurse," says Amy. It has been great to be able to practice my specialty and help patients."

While attending to patients on a regular basis, Lasley is also busy with the booming success of her salsa business, Amy Lasley's Rocky Mountain Salsa.

Amy keeps a busy schedule of cooking the salsa, organizing the product and attending to her nursing career.

"I was cooking all day yesterday and now it's clean-up and organization time," she says.

The idea for creating a one-of-a-kind salsa came to Amy while dating her husband Gregg. One of our favorite Mexican restaurants had the best chips and salsa. We would go there all the time for the tasty snack and then we started to buy it," says Amy. Soon thereafter, the salsa began to taste bland to us. That's when we decided that there should be a way to create a salsa with a certain zest one could never get tired of."

Amy and her husband started to experiment with different ingredients and flavors, inviting their friends over to receive their feedback on the different recipes. One year later the final recipe for Amy Lasley's Rocky Mountain Salsa was born."We started the business in 1991 and for a few years we carried only our original flavor, but now we also sell a spicy flavor we call 'Closer to the Sun'."

Both flavors of salsa are produced with fresh onions and cilantro and do not contain added preservatives or sugar. When compared to other salsa brands, it is guaranteed that Amy Lasley's Rocky Mountain Salsa will exceed your expectations with superior taste and product appearance.

The salsa is produced by Amy, Gregg & son Keegan. To keep up with demand, Lasley was forced to move production temporarily to Denver and rent a co-packer's facility. Amy's business currently produces 50 gallons of salsa per batch. We are planning to build a facility here in Fort Collins were we can produce our salsa at a more convenient and efficient pace."

The salsa is sold at various locations including The Cupboard and Chipper's Lanes in Fort Collins, Ace Hardware in Loveland and at several places in Estes Park and Edwards. Gifts by Design in Fort Collins also distribute Amy's salsa in various forms of gift baskets. In addition, Rocky Mountain Salsa is sold widely in the Denver Metro area via a distributor, Colorado Food Showroom.

"The Department of Agriculture and Colorado State University are major resources for anyone starting a new food business in Fort Collins," says Amy. "They really helped us get our career and business going." She also recommends heavy preparation, research and making sure that money and time are available is important."

"We put a lot of energy and time into producing a great product," she says."We want every batch of the salsa to be perfect and we have high expectations of our product. We hope folks will continue to enjoy what we have to offer."

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